Yo mama vocabulary

Okay.  I almost hesitate to tell you about this, but because my students responded to it so well, I will anyway.yomama.jpg

During an AP conference I attended last week a fellow teacher discussed a book she had called The Yo Mama Vocabulary Builder.  She said her students enjoyed the book to the point that it was eventually stolen from her room.

While I was listening to this I thought that a book wouldn’t be all that necessary.  Our students make fun of each others’ mothers all the time, right?  Anyway.  I decided I would try it out the next day in my class.

I was surprised to find that my students were pretty interested in it.  They found it challenging to come up with yo mama jokes for the whole list of vocabulary words (20), but in the end they did fairly well.  I had them work in groups and they received bonus points for each yo mama joke that contained each word while also conveying the true meaning of the word.  If your students need a break from your typical lesson on vocabulary, I would suggest it.

***Be sure to tell them to be school appropriate.

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