Use Brainyflix for SAT vocab prep

brainyflix2.jpgThis might interest your students. a site that features videos that explain the meaning of vocabulary words that appear in most vocabulary secondary vocabulary books and on the SAT.

The site is also having a contest, which you can read about below. The information below is directly from the site. Notice the incentives* below as well. Even if you don’t want to use the videos, or if youtube is blocked at your school, you can use the WORD LIST to see how the words are used in context. is a site that features We’re trying to help kids prepare for the SAT by offering fun and free videos about SAT vocabulary, made by YOU!

We’re offering $600 in prize money to the video that receives the most number of votes. $200 of the payout will go to the maker(s) of the video and $400 to the class or school club of his/her choice.

And to make this viral, we’ll give out 1 free iTunes download for every 5 videos you submit or referrals you provide.*

Submit entries by March 16th, 2009. Brainyflix if you have questions.

*iTunes downloads available for first 1000 videos only.

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