Use Awesome Highlighter for Main Ideas and Note Taking Skills

If you have to teach kids how to pick out the main ideas of paragraphs or note taking skills, you may want to check out  picture-3.png

DIRECTIONS:  All you have to do is 1.)go to the site

2.) type in the website address you want to mark up

3.) and click “highlight page.”

4.) hightlight and add notes as you wish.

5.) click DONE to get a url for your work and a list of everything you highlighted.


Use it to give instructions on how to use a website
Have students to a grammar technique scavenger hunt on their favorite sites
Teaching main ideas
Teaching researching methods
Teaching note-taking skills
You could put a paper on your website for students to highlight the errors
picture-4.png(if you have more ideas, leave them as picture-5.pngcomments)

The great thing about this is you can pick different colors & you can even put a virtual sticky note on there. Then, students can just print out the marked up page when turning in the assignment.

***When you click done, it gives you the website address for a page that shows what you highlighted.  AND, it will even give you a list of all the thing s you highlighted.  In other words, it takes the notes for you!!!!!  (While that takes away from lessons about note taking skills, your reluctant students will enjoy the technology and ease.)

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