Twitter Your Lesson Plans

How about a quick lesson plan? How abouttwitter.png a way to keep a shorthand record of daily class activities? Then how about twitter? Start a Twitter profile (a separate one just for teaching, so not to annoy your friends), and at the end of each class day jot down what you did in class (see below for my Monday, Feb. 11th). Networking with other subject area teachers will encourage collaboration on similar lessons. And possibly (though we teachers would hope not in a 1984 kind of way), an administrator could link in and keep tabs. If I were a curriculum person in an administration, the first thing I would do would be to set up accounts for each teacher to post one daily update. It would give me insight on my school and encourage my teachers to keep a running record of what was accomplished (as opposed to the lesson plan, which usually is not accomplished). As a teacher though, I’ll just use it to keep my own head on straight.



2 responses on “Twitter Your Lesson Plans

  1. Ben

    Thanks to Chris Copeland for this contribution! Just think if administrators had accounts on twitter. They could get updates on what we are doing in our classrooms so that they would know what we are teaching when they dropped in for visits.

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