The Great Gatsby Research with Blinklist

A few posts back, I mentioned using for research (THAT POST). I experimented with this with my students to see how well they would do with it.

I created an account and told the username and password to my students so they could all use it. They went home and used varioius databases and websites to research The Great Gatsby. I also taught them about tagging and how useful it would become for them in the future. After one week, here is what they created.

(Note: Some of these links require you to be logged into the Alabama Virtual Library.)

2 responses on “The Great Gatsby Research with Blinklist

  1. dogtrax

    I am a bit confused on just what BlinkList is, Ben?
    Can you give a quick recap?
    It seems to be some meta-tagging application?

  2. Ben Post author

    Sorry for the lack of clarity.

    I did a post way back about This site is a meta-tagging website where you can go and bookmark/tag your favorite sites. The end result is a tag cloud you can embed on your blog or website. I have one in the left sidebar in this site as well as in this post. The best thing about it is that you can have a button in your tool bar that will allow your to instantly blinklist a site without having to navigate away from the page you are interested in. The initial post I wrote on blinklist can be read by clicking the following link:

    Thanks for asking!

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