Study Tool: Ring’o'Index Cards

RingedindexcardsCostOne inexpensive tool you can use studying is a simple hinged ring, which can be found near the paper clips, that holds hole-punched index cards. You can buy a 10-pack of these rings (called loose leaf rings) at your local Wal-mart (or drugstore) for about $2. They can be purchased in silver, gold, or a variety of colors (which can help you organize different topics). You can grab a 300 pack of index cards for about $2.00. That brings the total to $4.00. So the index cards will AT LEAST last two semesters.Being EfficientIf you take the index cards, cut them in half, and hole punch them, you will multiply your cards to 600.TipsI have found that 100 cards on a 1-inch ring can fit comfortably in your pocket for those moments when you have long enough to study 2 words (like at a traffic light or in the bank line). But about 300 can fit on the ring (as seen in the picture).Color the bottom of the cards to identify different groups of information (vocabulary units, historical period, methods of underwater basket weaving, etc.).Cut the cards in half to make this tool smaller. That will help you fit it into smaller purses and your pocket.You can take advantage of the hinged ring by attaching it to the strap of your backpack. Or, if you want to elevate your coolness to a totally new level, attach it to your belt loop.IF YOU HAVE OTHER IDEAS FOR TIPS TO USE WITH THIS TOOL, LEAVE THEM IN MY COMMENTS SECTION.

One response on “Study Tool: Ring’o'Index Cards

  1. angela zelaya

    I am going to use them to teach the 200 Latin Roots that I teach my students. Each student will have one and use them to record and study for our weekly quizzes.

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