Small Stories: A Slice of Life

Over at the blog, Two Writing Teachers, there is a project underway for bloggers to post slices of their lives. They call it a challenge, but really, it is just another way to get people writing and thinking and sharing through the connected world.

How does it work?

You write about a slice of your life on your blog, and then link it back to Two Writing Teachers. From there, you can also follow links to the other folks involved in the project and connect with a wider circle of colleagues. Also, you tag your posts with “slice of life challenge.” And you learn a bit about writing and personal experiences, too. (See Kevin’s various Slices of Life here)

There are clear possibilities for the classroom from this kind of narrative writing. For example, you could have students do an extended journal activity, where each day they write about something that has happened to them the day before in a notebook. Or, if you were moving into Web 2.0, you could have students create a Slice of Life blog (being careful with privacy and maybe even keeping the blog closed to the public and open only to the classroom community).

Speaking of which, the Edublogs platform now has the option for teachers to create student blogs right from a main blog account in a way that can provide administrative oversight for the teacher (and you can even use the Google Gmail hack we posted about last week to set up student usernames)

One response on “Small Stories: A Slice of Life

  1. Stacey from TWT

    Some of my former students have actually started blogs for the sole purpose of creating Slice of Life Stories online. They’re all hosted on edublogs. (I co-administer some of them.) It’s awesome watching them do them online!!! (For their safety, I’m not going to share the links publicly, but know that they’re out there.)

    Thanks for the props.


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