Make a Foldable Study Guide at Pocketmod is a great website for giving your student the opportunity to create a compact study guide. As I’ve demonstrated before, the act of creating a study guide as students progress through a course will likely help the information stick because of the tactile experience with the material and the task of deciphering between the essential content needed on the study tool.

I like poketmod because it is versatile. There are 45 different types of pages you can add to it. There is everything from lined paper to games.

How to make one:
1. Go to
2. You simply click START near the top-right corner of the front page.
3. Then click the desired “pages” and drag and drop them on the 8 squares to the right.
4. Then when you print it you will have the pocketmod on an typical piece of copy paper.
5. Then you can watch the tutorial about how to fold it or read the direction sheet provided at the bottom of the first page.

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