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One problem I have is organization. I plan to change that this year. When students turn in papers in the past, I would put them in a stack on my desk. As the week of grading progressed, I would find papers of students who had not turned them in on they day they were due. However, I couldn’t count off an accurate number of points because I did not know how late they were. I’ve devised a plan that will help me with that, though.


I am going to have a file folder for each assignment. Each assignment will have a very large sticky label (a mailing label) on which I will have printed the name of every student I have (all 98 of them). When students hand them in on the first day, I will highlight them. Each day it is late, I will highlight the name a different color. If they slip it in without me knowing it, they do not get highlighted until I discover it.

This plan also gives me an extra place to record grades because I can write it down next to each name. That way I do not have to carry a grade book around with the risk of misplacing it (remember, I am not organized). To put it lightly, it is always a little disheartening to discover your grade book (or in my case, grade sheets) is missing. Since we use an electronic grading system, we are not required to have a grade book.

I digress.

If you have any ideas about how to keep organized with respect to grading, please leave your ideas in the comment box below.

3 responses on “Grading Papers

  1. sparkle4

    I would suggest that you quickly record the date that the work was assigned and the date collected at the top of the list.

    What is your policy about turning in work when absent? You might want to record absent students by circling them on your paper and putting the date by their name. That way when they turn the paper in late you they won’t be peanalized.

    Also, I like the suggestion about putting the paper inside. If you use scotch tape, you could have it on te outside until you start to grade and then it could be moved to the inside.

    Lastly, You might consider getting one of those file boxes to store the papers in while they are waiting to be graded. That would make it harder for students to “slip” late papers into the folder. And then if you make a mistake in highlighting…I do this a lot…you won’t accuse a good kid of cheating because of a highlighting error. (done this too…NOT GOOD!!!!)

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