Day in a Sentence Style

I decided to use BUBBL.US to compile the list of sentences you all sent me. If a name is underlined in a bubble, it means that it is a link to the person’s website. If you want to zoom in, click the + sign to do so. I assume you know what the – sign is for. Also, it allows you to drag the interface around to look at all the bubbles, so just click and drag.

I appreciate your contributions and support for my site (as well as Kevin’s). It was really fun reading all of your entries. I would encourage you all to join in on the fun by hosting from your site.

Have a good week!

Bruc ellas wel! (Old English for “Enjoy!”)


P.S.-(Click HERE to read another post about

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4 responses on “Day in a Sentence Style

  1. Bonnie K

    It’s so cool to see something new. I figured that you had something up your sleeve,Ben. Now I want to read each sentence again.
    See you,

  2. Lynne Culp

    What a fun idea! I think I’ll use it to have students gather notes/info on the Harlem Renaissance….Thank you, Ben for the inspiration.

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