Interactive PowerPoints

By the time I was in the 11th grade, I was done with powerpoints. By that I mean that they were old news. The reason for this is because my teachers would use them to fill our notebooks with information that we would feverishly transcribe as our hands contorted from cramps.

So often students are just fed slide after slide of facts. So, what can we do about this? I would like to know about your methods of breaking up the monotany of powerpoints.

My Monotony Breaker: One technique I use is to make it into a dialogue as if it were a play. It does not take long for you to switch out the names to adapt each period. Also, it is pretty easy to slip in inside jokes from period to period. The key is to sit and wait for the student to read his/her part and to sometimes have all of the students read at once. Even 11th graders get into it.

Leave your techniques in the comments below.