American Literary Movements


In planning for this year I found a great site that gives a timeline for the literary movements as well as an explanation on each movement. Beneath the timeline you will find “literary movements.” If you click that link, you will be able to access a list of literary movements. Just thought I’d share.

Her are some more links I found useful:
Mr. Juster’s Virtual Classroom AND Literary Periods in American Literature- though rather archaic in design, these both have useful lists.

Here is another one titled Early American Literature Movements 1600-1900, Resources K-12.

Writing in Math Part 2 (Elementary)

Yesterday I wrote about using writing in math, but the post primarily focused on secondary math. Therefore I thought I would throw in a few sites focusing on lower level grades I found when poking around the net.

MATHWIRE: Seems to be a great website! It focuses on all kinds of strategies picture-6.jpgthat we consider best practices. There is everything from math journals to word webs dealing with math. I highly recommend this one.

THIS is a seemingly simple website with a lot of useful ideas. I particularly like the ideas at the very bottom of the page because they deal with various learning styles.

This handout (Writing to Learn) is another resource I found helpful. It has various math writing assignments along with student writing samples.