Writing Ideas for Math

teachingwithnet.jpgDonald Leu, author of Teaching with the Internet K-12: New Literacies for New Times, give a wide range of websites that lend themselves to writing opportunities in all subject areas. I thought I would showcase a few of them this week. Leu has at least 100, if not more, links throughout the book. I would suggest checking it out.

THE FRUIT GAME: Is an online game that involves math (obviously). The interesting catch to this game is that it has a mathematical technique to it. Donald Leu suggests having your students map out the procedure in writing. This would be beneficial because the logical sequence of events is where students trip up; to have them write it out forces them to slow down. And, as we all know, writing is thinking.

MATHEMATICS AS A LANGUAGE: This page discusses the linguistic nature of mathematics. I found it rather interesting. Students might find it valuable to use this kind of thinking to deal with difficult formulas. As an English major, I know that I always had to write out the logic of the formulas in order to learn them. You too might find this to be a valuable method of teaching students like me.

THE HISTORY OF MATH: As the title suggests, this site focuses on this history of mathematics. For students who are history lovers, or who seek to find other means to attach it to their lives, this may be the ticket. And, of course, you always have the option of writing in response to this. I always enjoyed the method of one of my college math professors’ technique of talking about the history behind the formulas.

Well, I hope you find these useful. If I get feedback on these, I will add more. Let me know what you think by commenting.